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Alma Duo – Sexual Wellness

What is Alma Duo?

Alma Duo is a non-surgical treatment that utilizes cutting-edge technology by Alma Lasers. Alma Duo uses low-level extracorporeal shockwave therapy (LI-ESWT) which is used to improve blood circulation and sexual performance in both genders; it does not cause any discomfort, which makes this breakthrough technology the holy grail of shockwave systems.

Alma Duo was designed to improve endurance and sensation while providing a fun approach that boosts stamina and spontaneity. Clinical studies have revealed that its benefits can last as long as one year. Alma Duo is a non-invasive, in-office procedure that doesn’t require any surgery or downtime. Alma Duo is an excellent option for women and men of all ages who want to improve their sexual health or who may have sexual-function concerns.

How is Alma Duo shockwave therapy performed?

Shockwave therapy using the Alma Duo is a non-invasive, comfortable, and quick treatment that takes approximately 30 minutes per session. The handpiece will be applied to the target treatment area and most patients report a vibrating sensation or warming sensation during treatment.

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Benefits of Alma Duo

Regain Confidence

Are you ready to regain your confidence and restore your natural sexual performance? Alma Duo treatment for men and women utilizes a low-intensity extracorporeal shock wave therapy that is considered the gold standard of shock wave technology. It has been clinically evaluated and proven to improve blood flow and overall function.

How Does It Work?

Alma Duo treatments are just 15 minutes in length, require no surgery or downtime, and provide long-lasting results that may last for at least 2 years post-treatment. Our competent providers will work with you to decide on a personalized treatment plan to meet your needs.

Proven Results

Alma Duo studies have shown that 76% of patients will experience improvement and in extreme cases of ED where the patient could not get an erection at all, 70% were able to get an erection with their medicines after receiving Alma Duo treatment.

Improved Functionality

Suffering from sexual dysfunction can feel distressing and frustrating but with Alma Duo we can assess your vascular concerns to get you feeling confident and functional. Our trained providers are ready to help you achieve your goals and get your intimate life back on track.

Why Choose Alma Duo?

Alma Duo not only restores natural sexual function but for some men it eliminates the need for medications such as Viagra; instead, men are able to experience spontaneous erections which allow for organic intimacy. Female patients who receive Alma Duo treatment have reported a stronger sex drive and intensified sexual pleasure.

Learn More

The best way to decide whether Alma Duo is suitable for your needs is to book a consultation with Julie Zafuto. During the consultation, she can assess your needs to come up with a treatment plan that will change your life. Call us at (480) 567-9789 to make your appointment today!