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(Body Shaping)

What is EMSculpt?

Patients who receive EMSculpt Neo may notice an increase in current muscle mass as well as develop new muscle fibers; this is achieved by emitting radio frequencies while simultaneously administering high-intensity electromagnetic therapy.

EMSculpt has been approved by the FDA to treat the abdominals, buttocks, arms, calves, and thighs; it is also used as a non-surgical alternative to the Brazilian butt-lift.

What is the EMSculpt Process?

EMSculpt works by focusing on high-intensity electromagnetic energy. A single EMSculpt session includes strong muscle contractions, which are critical for building muscle tone and strength. Induced muscular contractions are more forceful than voluntary muscle contractions therefore the muscle tissue is forced to adapt and responds by undergoing an intense restructuring of its interior, resulting in muscular growth and body shaping.

Each treatment feels like a powerful workout and lasts 30 minutes, with a minimum of four treatments that are spaced out by 2 to 3 days. Your provider will work with you to decide on a treatment plan that is personalized to your needs.

The Science Behind Why People Love EMSculpt

Many comprehensive studies employing the most renowned scientific approaches have been conducted to determine efficacy and safety (MRI, CT, US, and Histology). The average gain in muscle mass is 16 percent and the patient satisfaction is 96 percent on average.

Did you know that muscles make up 35% of your body and are responsible for movement, balance, strength, organ function, skin health, immunity, and wound healing? EMSculpt may help you achieve a sculpted, toned body that may help you to feel fantastic both inside and out.

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Muscle Building Technology

Are you ready to help your body build muscle? EMSculpt Neo treatment emits radiofrequency along with high-intensity electromagnetic therapy that can help with muscle building and body sculpting. This FDA-approved, non-surgical treatment is designed to build new muscle fibers and reshape targeted areas.

How Does It Work?

EMSculpt Neo treatments are quick and effective, making treatments a breeze to fit into your busy schedule. Each 30-minute treatment incorporates 24,000 muscular contractions and feels like a powerful workout. Patients have reported a 30% fat reduction and 25% muscle gain after four sessions. Our knowledgeable providers will work with you to decide on a personalized treatment plan for your needs and goals.

Proven Effective

The science behind EMSculpt Neo is that it penetrates the muscles and forces them to contract until they become fatigued, triggering a repair process that builds muscle and increases strength. The electromagnetic energy, mixed with RF radiation, enters the fat cell layers and interrupts them, triggering them to release triglycerides and enabling the body to remove unwanted, injured cells; this leaves the area with less fat and more toned muscle.

Help Reach Your Goals

We understand that life responsibilities and busy schedules can become roadblocks to any goal or health-focused journey. EMSculpt Neo removes the stress of commuting to the gym, long hours with personal trainers, and racing against the clock to squeeze in a workout. Let us help you achieve your goals in the most efficient way possible.

Why Do People Love EmSculpt Neo?

EMSculpt Neo can burn through fat in the targeted area while building muscle and tightening, making it an excellent solution for patients with excess body fat. Patients have reported the ability to skip the gym, recondition their muscles and sculpt their bodies with zero downtime!

Get Started Today!

The best way to decide whether EMSculpt Neo is suitable for your body-contouring needs is to book a consultation with Julie Zafuto. During the consultation, she can assess the areas you would like to treat while listening to your body goals and evaluating your lifestyle habits.