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What is EmSella?

EmSella is a groundbreaking technology that transforms men’s and women’s personal health by offering a non-invasive solution to incontinence sufferers. EmSella is a treatment chair that activates motor neurons in the pelvic floor using a high-intensity electromagnetic field (similar to an MRI). The muscles around the pelvic floor contract and encourage the strengthening of the pelvic floor and adjacent tissues. Patients with Stress Incontinence and Urge Incontinence have experienced improvements after receiving Emsella treatments.

What to Expect?

An EmSella session lasts 28 minutes and will voluntarily stimulate 11,200 contractions, which is the same as doing 11,200 Kegel exercises.

How EmSella Helps Women Transform Their Lives

EmSella is a groundbreaking invention in the field of pelvic health that is transforming the lives of women all over the world. EmSella, which uses High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology, is one of the simplest, most soothing, and non-invasive treatments for reducing urine leakage and dribbling and relieving incontinence in women.

You will most likely have weak or atrophied muscular support surrounding your pelvic floor by the time you come in for an EmSella treatment. Many women experience humiliating urine incontinence or diminished sexual satisfaction as a result of this. Strengthening these muscles and assisting in their tightening will significantly improve the patients’ quality of life.

You don’t have to worry about doing things correctly with EmSella. You merely need to sit comfortably and endure therapy, as directed by your provider. There is no discomfort, and instead of working on it every day or twice a day, you will only require appointments every two weeks.

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Say No To Incontinence

Do you suffer from incontinence? Now you can treat incontinence with confidence using EmSella. EmSella is a treatment chair that utilizes non-invasive, groundbreaking technology to strengthen the pelvic floor and surrounding muscles by using electromagnetic energy to contract and retrain the muscles that control the release of urine.

What Is The Process?

EmSella treatments last approximately 30 minutes and involve sensations of contraction and tingling within the pelvic floor. Our knowledgeable providers will work with you to decide on a personalized treatment plan to meet your needs so that you can lessen incontinence and live life to the fullest.

Proven Effective

Studies have shown that EmSella may improve urinary incontinence by 95% after as little as 6 sessions. There are approximately 12,000 voluntary contractions in each session which trigger the strengthening and rebuilding of the pelvic floor. Reducing urinary incontinence has never been easier!

Reach Your Goal

Do you leak urine when you laugh, cough, or engage in physical activity? Do you need to go to the restroom often? We know how frustrating and embarrassing it can be when suffering from incontinence. Let our expert staff design a treatment plan that works for you and your unique needs.

Why Do Women Love EmSella?

EmSella has helped both men and women regain their confidence so that they can live free from fear of urinary incontinence. Many patients experience improvement after a single session and find that the results continue to improve after multiple sessions. In addition, 75% of patients were able to throw away their incontinence pads for good. Finally, a helpful solution!

Get Started Today

The best way to decide whether EmSella is suitable for you is to book a consultation with Julie Taylor Zafuto, DNP, FNP-C. During the consultation, she can assess and listen to your concerns and evaluate your lifestyle habits. Call us at (480) 567-9789 to make your appointment today!