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Welcome to the warmth and love-filled February edition of The Wellness Method newsletter! With each article, we aim to provide you with accessible and evidence-based information. We want you to feel informed, empowered, and confident in the choices you make for your well-being. Our compassionate team, led by Dr. Julie Zafuto DNP, FNP-C is dedicated to supporting you every step of the way. 

Our Pico IV CBD Patient Study For Auto Immune Diseases

We’re thrilled to announce that we’re conducting an innovative patient study to explore the potential benefits of Pico IV CBD treatments for individuals living with autoimmune diseases.

CBD has shown promise in managing inflammation and pain, which are common issues among autoimmune diseases. Your participation can be a beacon of change, please see below for more details.

Exclusive Savings on O-Shot and
P-Shot Procedures

This Valentine’s, we’re offering savings on both treatments, so that you can rekindle your intimate experiences with the power of your body’s own platelets for rejuvenation, healing, and enhancement. ❤️

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Unlock Your Inner Power With Testosterone Replacement Therapy For Men

As men age, testosterone levels may decrease, affecting energy, mood, and vitality. Dr. Julie and The Wellness Method team believe in empowering you on your journey to optimal health. 
Together we’ll explore this vital hormone therapy to restore your balance, boost your energy, and reignite your passion for life!

Dr. Julie's Recommended Book Of The Month

Why is this a must-read?
It is written with such careful compassion and understanding, highlighting the fact that sexual health is an essential part of overall wellness. This empowering book allows you to explore the ‘O-Shot’ procedure from a position of understanding and confidence. 
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Exclusive Savings Now Available On The Wellness Method App

Your wellness journey just got a whole lot easier.  We are thrilled to announce membership opportunities on our Wellness Method app. 

Sign up now and start saving! New members will receive $50 their first service!