Improve Vitality with Advanced Hormone Therapy Treatments

Hormone imbalance can occur at any age, and when your hormones are out of balance, the body takes a hit. At the Wellness Method, we know you want to continue living your best life, and we offer hormone balancing treatments shown to improve vitality for both women and men. So, if you’re suffering from fatigue, loss of memory, muscle loss or weakness, joint pain, etc., we should talk.

When you choose the Wellness Method to achieve hormonal balance, you’ll receive a customized plan specifically crafted for your body. Julie Taylor Zafuto, DNP-C, FNP-C, has trained with top hormone experts who recommend the EvexiPEL method, a pellet system considered a natural alternative to synthetic hormones. 


Who Can Benefit From Hormone Therapy?

While each patient’s individual hormone balance is unique, if you’re experiencing some of the symptoms below, you may be an ideal candidate for hormonal therapy.


Women’s Symptoms of Hormone Imbalance

Men’s Symptoms of Hormone Imbalance

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Why Choose the Wellness Method for Hormone Treatments?


Julie Zafuto, Nurse Practitioner, will help you achieve balance by sitting down with you for an in-depth discussion to help you decide if hormone therapy is right for you.

Improved Vitality

We’re committed to helping you live your best life full of vitality! Julie will perform a thorough exam, including family history, to help you decide if hormonal therapy or one of our other treatments is right for you.

Customized Plan

Because hormonal balance is unique, Julie will work with you to craft a plan customized to your individual needs. There is no cookie-cutter solution at the Wellness Method. We’re all about a custom wellness solution.


Through an in-office procedure, you can receive subcutaneous bio-identical hormone replacement therapy from plant-derived products that are natural and release slowly over time.

Responsible Practitioner

Julie Taylor Zafuto, DNP-C, FNP-C, has received certifications and extensive training in the services provided to her patients. Julie believes in helping her patients restore balance so that their body has the tools needed to restore homeostasis.

Book A Consultation

Contact us for an appointment with Julie Zafuto DNP-C, FNP-C, who will review your symptoms, blood work, and relative’s clinical history to determine the suitability of HRT.