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Welcome to our July Wellness Newsletter! As we dive into the heart of summer, it’s the perfect time to focus on self-care and wellness. Discover tips and resources to prioritize your well-being and make the most of this vibrant season. Let’s journey together towards a healthier and happier you this summer. ✨

Our compassionate team, led by Dr. Julie Zafuto DNP, FNP-C is dedicated to supporting you every step of the way. 🌱🌤

July Specials: $79 Meyer's Cocktail IV All Month Long

Stay refreshed and rejuvenated all month long with our exclusive IV therapy specials for only $79! 💧 Treat yourself to a hydrating experience and beat the summer heat in style. Limited time offer, so book your session today!

Empower Your Health With Our Men's Testosterone Membership

Experience the benefits of regular testosterone therapy, personalized health assessments, and ongoing support from our expert medical team. Maintain optimal hormone levels, save money, and elevate your well-being. Join now and discover a new level of health and vitality!

Important Notice!

We will be closed from July 4th to July 8th to celebrate Independence Day. Wishing all our patients a safe and joyful holiday! Remember to stay healthy and enjoy the festivities. See you soon!  🇺🇸✨

Summer Sale Event

Get ready to elevate your wellness game with our scorching summer discounts of up to 50% off on premium supplements. Take advantage of this limited-time offer to revitalize your health and wellbeing at unbeatable prices. Don’t let this opportunity slip away—shop now and seize the power of savings! 🌿💰

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Looking To Kickstart Your Weight Loss Journey?

Our Keto 5 is here to help! This specially formulated powder drink supplement is designed to aid in weight loss by putting your body in a state of ketosis. Ketosis is a natural metabolic state where your body burns fat for fuel instead of carbohydrates, promoting fat loss and increased energy levels. Try Keto 5 today and unleash the power of ketosis! 💪🥤

Melanotan II : The Tanning Peptide

Summer is here! ☀️ Embrace the Arizona heat without worrying about catching a tan outdoors. Introducing Melanotan II, the specialized peptide that enhances your bronzed glow effortlessly. Say goodbye to sunburns and hello to a natural tan all year round! Discover the secret to glowing skin with Melanotan II. 
Call the office for more information and to get started. 

Revolutionize Your Intimacy With The O & P Shots

Say goodbye to common sexual concerns and hello to enhanced pleasure and performance. 🚀 Discover why individuals are choosing these non-invasive procedures to boost libido, improve orgasmic potential, and rejuvenate sexual wellness. 💫

Julie's Recommended Book of the Month: "Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox"

This enlightening read by Dr. Kate Rheaume-Bleue delves into the crucial relationship between Vitamin K2 and calcium within the body. Unravel the mysteries of how Vitamin K2 plays a pivotal role in directing calcium to where it’s needed most for optimal bone health and overall well-being. Dive into this fascinating exploration of nutrition and health with Dr. Rheaume-Bleue as your guide! 🦴💡

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