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Keto 5

Support & Maintain Your Weightloss

Keto5 is a premium exogenous ketone brand, physician designed
and available through a network of healthcare and wellness professionals.

Exogenous ketones have undergone years of rigorous clinical trials for quality and safety, and are USDA certifed organic, non-GMO, and 100% vegan, kosher, and gluten-free

XO Ultra

Rapidly, effectively, and safely
elevate your ketosis.

XO 8

XO8 powerfully supports and extends the beneficial ketogenic state.

XO Genius

Generates up to 6 hours of enhanced ketosis

Medically Developed

Programs are professionally monitored and individually tailored to ensure lasting success and efficiency.

Patented Formulation

Keto5 supplements are formulated with proprietary ketones containing BHB — the same natural molecule produced by the liver.

Highest Quality

Keto5 uses only premium grade caprylic acid (MCT8) in our XO8 supplement, which is found naturally in breast milk.

It's Time to Reset

MCT8 oil has been shown to suppress ghrelin, the “hunger hormone,” and increase signaling of satiety / fullness.

More Energy

Increased mitochondrial efficiency can lead to increased energy production and improved cognitive performance.

Higher Peak Ketone Levels

The BHB acid combined in XO Ultra produces rapid and higher peak ketosis than BHB electrolytes alone.