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This GI Renew herbal laxative formula is beneficial if your bowel movements occur every two days or more.

This formula includes cascara sagrada and cape aloe, 2 herbs known to have powerful laxative properties that should get the bowels moving withing 6-12 hours. Ideally your diet is moving your bowels, so use GI Super Mover – (Formerly GI Renew #5 – Super Mover) only in acute instances of constipation. Once bowels begin to move more frequently, move to GI Renew #4, then GI Moderate Mover, then GI Gentle Mover, and so on. The long-term goal is to eat an alkaline diet and take GI Daily to maintain healthy elimination of the bowels.*

Which Formula is Right for You? 

  • GI Loose (formerly GI Renew #0) beneficial for those with loose stool as it contains a synergistic blend of herbs for diarrhea.
  • GI Daily (formerly GI Renew #1) beneficial for those with normal bowel movements and a proper diet.
  • GI Gentle Mover (formerly GI Renew #2) beneficial for those that move their bowels once per day and need gentle moving power.
  • GI Moderate Mover (formerly GI Renew #3) beneficial if bowels are not moving every day or if one occasionally misses a day.
  • GI Super Mover (formerly GI Renew #5) beneficial if your bowel movements occur every two days or more.

-Please consult with your physician before taking this or any dietary supplement.

Key Ingredients: Cascara Sagrada bark, Cape Aloe leaf, Gentian root, Slippery Elm bark, Fennel seed

Benefits: Bowel movement support, Digestive System support, Intestinal rejuvenator

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